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Hello Beloved Family, 


Thank you for your calls and prayers during Briton’s illness. Brilton and I love all of you. She never missed one of our Family meetings or Family reunions and was not shy about giving her opinion. Thank you welcoming us. The family is doing Ok. Audrey, Ryan and I miss her so much.

When she went in the hospital on Dec 22, we were all hoping she would be home for Christmas. In fact Brilton had me to buy a full turkey dinner for Christmas and when it look like she would spend Christmas in the hospital. I suggested cancelling the order. She said for me to get that dinner and put it in the freezer and we would eat it when she got home.  I told her the freezer was full she said do what you need to but save that dinner. That’s what I did.


We are preparing for her homegoing and while I know many of you would like to come, we don't want to put anyone in danger of traveling during this time with the virus out there. I would be heartbroken if any family member or friend contracted this disease.  We plan to have a graveside service with just the immediate family. We know you love us and want to show love and support for the family but please stay safe at home.  In anticipation of this small in-person gathering we are preparing to live stream the service.  Please sign up on the contact page for updates and the link to the live stream when it is available. 

We will be planning a Life Celebration for Brilton in July which is her birth month and also our 47th Wedding Anniversary and the vaccine (prayerfully) will make it safer to gather. You are all invited.  Keep the family in prayer and keep showing love to all of our wonderful family. Check back for updates about this great event as we begin to plan it. 


We can all do a better job of keeping in touch with each other. Yes I mean all of us, me first and foremost. Sometimes when I am looking through my contacts in my phone to find a number I may scroll by Gene Lovely and say I need to call Gene and see how he is doing , I then proceed to make my call but never got around to calling Gene or sending a text or even an email.  We have so many ways of contacting each other now and we don’t bother to use them. Most of us have unlimited minutes and unlimited texts and email is unlimited. We all need to be like Cousin Olivia; if she had your number she would call you and see how you were doing. She never worried about who called her last she was calling. So let’s start communicating.


In my fight with the virus I am doing fair. I have minor symptoms so far. I do have a small node of pneumonia in my right lung.  Yesterday I started a round of antibiotics and steroids. I am seeing some improvement in clearing of congestion. I am praying the antibiotics will cure and contain the pneumonia.  I do have some reduction of oxygen level but can be treated at home. I get calls from Audrey and Ryan several times a day monitoring my health. 


I am asking you to consider in lieu of flowers, Please consider donating to "Girls Like Me Inc." in honor of Brilton Bristow Quick to Cousin Elisa Wiah's non-profit, Girls Like Me Inc.  Read more about the charity here.

We appreciate all the prayers, sympathies, and words of support from all of you in this difficult time.

                                                                                                                                Thank You

                                                                                                                                Cousin Lee Otis and Family

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